Items in collections are collected when you interact with objects, such as serving shipments, giving customers Shopper Cards, charging your attractions and loading your coin-op items. When all the items in a collection are collected, you can exchange the collection for rewards in the form of coins and XP Points . Collection pieces can also be requested from neighbours.



Produce Nutcracker, Pineapple, Club Sandwich, Lemon Squeezer Shopper5
Books Feather Pen, Color Pencils, Table Calendar Coin 1,000
Grocery Can Opener, Salsa, Hot Soup, Water Qd1
Freezer Ice Cream Scoop, Egg Pan, Pizza Slicer, Cleaver Coin 1,000 Xp500
Household Essentials Bath Sponge, Cosmetic Mirror, Hair Dryer, Bath Duck Xp1,000
Music and Movies CD, 3D Glasses, Gamepad, Earphones Producty1
Toys Drawing Board, Doll Button, Puzzle Piece, Toy Block Coin 1,000 Xp1,000
Beauty Hand Mirror, Comb, Makeup Bag, Cosmetic Box Coin 2,000
Apparel Black Belt, Tie, Socks, Brassiere Qd2
Garden Yellow Vase, Flower Bug Spray, Hand Spade, Hand Hoe Coin 2,000 Xp1,000
Kitchen Appliances Hand Blender, Smoothie, Toast Sandwich, Tea Bag Xp1,500
Sports Tennis Ball, Roller Wheel, Inflator, Helmet Producty2
Home Improvement Tools Table Measure, Paintbrush, Screw, Level Bubble Coin 2,000 Xp1,500
Kitchenware Dome Plate, Teapot, Honey Jar, Coffee Cup Coin 3,000
Shoes Shoe Polish, Shoelace, Shoehorn, Shoe Brush Qd3
Electronics Memory Card, Flash Drive, Batteries, Adaptor Coin 4,000 Xp1,500
Accessories Glasses Case, Diamond Brooch, Jewelry Box, Diamond Ring Xp2,000
Home Appliances Heating Button, Dust Bag, Air Filter, Radiant Heater Producty3
Musical Instruments Drumstick, Plectrum, Music Box, Microphone Coin 4,000 Xp2,000
Fitness Weight Scale, Water Bottle, Sports Shoes, Dumbbell, Coin 4,000
Home Entertainment UPS, Plug Socket, Remote Control, HDMI Cable Qd4
Computers Mouse, Headphones, Cartridge, Anti-virus Software Coin 5,000 Xp2,000
Furniture Furniture Spray, Photo Frame, Feather Duster, Cushion Xp2,500
White Goods Cleaning Brush, Detergent, Ice Tray, Oven Gloves Producty4
Auto Warning Triangle, Auto Tire, Navigator, Car Accessory Coin 5,000 Xp5,000
Antiques Vintage Photo, Phone Book, Old Money, Candle Snuffer Coin 5,000 Xp5,000
Home Luxury Loofah Sponge, Kindling Wood, Crystal, Bath Salt Producty5
Watercrafts Anchor, Manila Rope, Life Buoy, Compass Qd5
Exotic Items Penguin Eggs, Mountain Flowers, Ember, Ankh Coin 6,000 Xp4,000
Robots Robot Eye, Antenna, Hand, Spring Producty5

Attractions & Coin-op ItemsEdit

Attractions Gift Card, Discount Card, Credit Card, Clearance Tag Xp500
Coin-op Items Redemption Ticket, Hologram Label, Bottle Cap, Token Xp300