Three out of 15 trucks were being used to make deliveries

are product orders that you have placed to stock displays. Shipments take time to arrive, and this time depends on the size of the order. Shipments are delivered to you in Marketland trucks. As you level up, you are given the opportunity to purchase more trucks, so that you can order more shipments at a time.

Ordering stockEdit

The ordering and serving of stock is covered in the Displays article. 



The Stockroom menu

Shipments that have arrived that you do not wish to serve immediately can be stored in the Stockroom for later use. All gifts received from neighbours are stored here until you serve them. The stockroom has a very large amount of space, but it can be expanded with Product Cards if needs be. 

Damaged shipmentsEdit


A damaged shipment

If you wait too long after a shipment has arrived before serving it or sending it to the Stockroom, it will get damaged and you will be unable to use it and will have lost the coins you had paid for it. The time it takes for a shipment to arrive is how long it will take before the shipment is damaged. So, if a shipment takes an hour to arrive, it will get damaged after an hour if it is not served or put away. Damaged shipments are indicated with a red exclamation mark.

Insuring against damageEdit

Product Cards can be used to insure a shipment so that it does not get damaged if you do not serve it or transfer it to the Stockroom in time. The number of Cards needed depends on the size of the order.

Renewing a damaged shipmentEdit

Product Cards can also be used to renew a shipment that has been damaged, so that it can be used again. Once again, the number of Cards needed is determined by the order's size. 

Shipments menuEdit


You can see all of your shipments still being delivered, those that have arrived and those that have been damaged in the shipments menu.

You can serve products, renew/throw away damaged shipments, cancel shipments and order more  products from this menu. You can also filter the results to show only shipments waiting to be served, shipments yet to arrive and damaged shipments etc. If you are able to at your level, more trucks can be purchased from here too.